Controlled is the unreleased second album by DAGames and features some newer songs by Will Ryan, such as Press Start to Begin Anthem and many more 2016-recorded songs. It was to contain songs from 2016 and have two volumes, one with vocal tracks, and another with instrumental versions. It is believed Will Ryan had scrapped or cancelled the album's release.

It was originally to be released during the second half of 2016, alongside Press Start to Begin Vol. 1, however it has been delayed for unconfirmed reasons. It is rumored that it has been delayed and/or cancelled due to the fact that he does not have the original FL Studio files, though there has been no confirmed reasoning.

However, Volume 2 of Controlled was confirmed to be out of the question for reasons mentioned above.

Volume 1

01. I'm On The Hunt

02. I Will Not Be Moved

03. Rip 'Em Up

04. Horizon

05. Layers of Fear

06: Here Comes The Ladies

07. Press Start To Begin Anthem

08. One By One

09. Dream On

10. We Go Under

Volume 2 (Cancelled)

01. I'm On The Hunt - Instrumental

02. I Will Not Be Moved - Instrumental

03. Rip 'Em Up - Instrumental

04. Horizon - Instrumental

05. Layers of Fear - Instrumental

06: Here Comes The Ladies - Instrumental

07. Press Start To Begin Anthem - Instrumental

08. One By One - Instrumental

09. Dream On - Instrumental

10. We Go Under - Instrumental