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Summary Edit

Since DAGames was founded in 2011, the channel has hosted over 1,000 uploads, amassing a total view count of over 470,000,000 views (Roughly 400,000 on average). However, the vast majority of uploads on DAGames fall very short of this average, as views tend to cluster around a few big hits.

Most Popular Videos Edit

This is a list of the 10 most popular videos on the DAGames channel.

Video Title Date Category Viewcount
Build Our Machine (Bendy Song) 2017-02-25 Lyric Video 91.745,181
Break My Mind (FNAF4 Song) 2015-07-26 Lyric Video 49,584,456
Gospel of Dismay (Bendy Song) 2017-06-24 Lyric Video 30,736,421
Brothers In Arms (Cuphead Song) 2018-02-24 Lyric Video 27,101,268
It's Time To Die (FNAF3 Song) 2015-02-28 Lyric Video 25,623,536
Left Behind (Sister Location Song) 2016-06-25 Lyric Video 18,604,248
Flumpty's Jam (ONAF Song) 2015-05-10 Lyric Video 16,544,726
I'm The Purple Guy (FNAF3 Song) 2015-03-21 Lyric Video 10,747,811
Not Here All Night (FNAF Song) 2015-04-13 Lyric Video 10,298,213
DAGames Official Medley 2015-04-13 Lyric Video 9,807,282
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