Not to be confused with the song, Heart of an Artist.

Heart of an Artist is a 12-Track album released on May 24th, 2018, with a CD version at Momocon 2018. The album was released alongside Greatest Hits, Volume 1 (on CD at Momocon with HoaA). It was made during a rough spot in Will Ryan's life when he decided to write new songs to explain how he was feeling. The album contains the songs; Heart of an Artist, Draw The Line, Kings and Queens, and As The Lights Go Out, which were made prior to the conception of the album. Digital Versions of the album were also released on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play (among others) to reach those who couldn't obtain the CD at the Momocon Convention.

An early release was posted on Will's Patreon on midnight the same day as the release in stores and the Physical CD at Momocon.

A deluxe edition was going to be released on June 2018 with As The Lights Go Out Rock Version, I Am The Animal, Bind the Bible, S.O.S (Live), and Too Dangerous (Live).

Later in 2019 a revised version of Heart Of An Artist will be released under IRIS and will be called Heart Of An Artist : Reignite since Will failed to release Heart Of An Artist: Deluxe Edition.


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s)
1 Descend Into The Iris IRIS Will Ryan
2 S.O.S IRIS Will Ryan
3 Draw The Line IRIS Will Ryan
4 As The Lights Go Out IRIS Will Ryan
5 Kings And Queens IRIS Will Ryan
6 Why Do We Hold IRIS Will Ryan
7 Lost Now Found IRIS Will Ryan
8 Too Dangerous IRIS Will Ryan
9 Castle That Never Dies IRIS Will Ryan
10 You're Just Making Us Stronger IRIS Will Ryan
11 Heart Of An Artist IRIS Will Ryan
12 Ascend From The Iris IRIS Will Ryan

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Draw The Line


Kings And Queens


Why Do We Hold


Lost Now Found


You're Just Making Us Stronger


Heart Of An Artist


Deluxe Edition Cover


  • "Kings & Queens" was originally going to be a Torbjorn (Overwatch) song.
  • "You're Just Making Us Stronger" was originally going to be a Call Of Duty song.
  • While this album is about the hardships Will has faced, the songs in it are all original and not based from video games. The only original song not included is Press Start to Begin Anthem.
  • The font used for the standard edition is Capture It.
  • The font used for deluxe edition is Century Gothic.