"Every day. We stray further from god."

"I'm an abomination, god left me unfinished..."


Summary Edit

Jeebus J. Chris: born 1936 and died 2016 before Christmas. Jeebus was born to the brother of the world famous, Jesus Christ. One never speaks about Jeebus though he is always given much praise. He’s known for his most memorable saying: “Every day. We stray further from god.” Jeebus had been recognized in the DAGames Discord Server for 2 years now, but it wasn’t until 2017 that Will revealed him to everyone. He is not to be associated as transgender, but more like a spaghetti monster.

In his memoriam, we collect 80 years worth of scrambled eggs to celebrate his passing. If one wants to donate to the church of Jeebus, one must specifically offer ostrich eggs. If one wants to pay respect for him, we think of his grandmama, Hose Manhuel Cockreeko. When asked if Jeebus would become more famous than his brother, Hose said “Adonbilivit.”. So now every March 24th, we celebrate Jeebus Day with Homer J. Crust as an important man woman rodent. If one does not celebrate Jeebus day, they will feel his wrath. Some ask if he boiled for our sins? That question will remain unanswered as we all say 'amen' for Jeebus.

Song of Jeebus: