"S U C C  E G G S"

~Mayde (2018)

Summary Edit

Mayde is an animator, artist, and musician.

Mayde's original YouTube channel, MaydeEdits, was created on March 30th 2012, but was temporarily deleted due to an error with Google Plus. He created his new account, Edyammies, on Jan 25th 2014.

Mayde was introduced to Will Ryan in late 2017, by his friend Christian. The DAGames crew was very impressed by his talents and brought him on to help out with the Brothers In Arms lyric video.

He is now currently one of the two new animators for 2019's DAGames Animated, which has had a reboot.

Work Edit

Mayde's first role in DAGames was doing rough sketches and FX animation for the Brothers In Arms lyric video! Since then, he has contributed to the following videos.

Video Title Category Contribution
Brothers In Arms Lyric Video Roughs / FX Animation
MATH Animation Animation
Instruments of Cyanide Lyric Video Roughs / Lead Animation
DAGames Animated Animation Animation

Mayde has done little work for other channels in the past.

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