The Summoning Edit

On March 24, 2018, it was a normal day to celebrate the life of Jeebus J. Chris. This year was a whole new war as a new enemy was summoned through a unknown random smartphone ritual. Joobus J. Joo, who was vanquished long ago, took the land of Warnade.

And so "the great war where the community couldn't make sense out of a harmless joke and tries to outdo the joke instead of just letting it go on like a good boi 2k18" had begun

The War Edit

Both were fighting back and forward. Joobus with his rotten tomatoes (pictures of Danny Trejo) and Jeebus with his T H I C C Shaggy's. It grew stronger and stronger, the armies multiplied. Until Joobus found T H I C C shaggy's one weakness. The almighty T H I C C Velma titan. Vanquished was the army, but there was only one true way to a Joo's heart......

A Tax bill.

With that, the mighty tax sword was sliced down on Joobus, vanquishing him to a temporal grave once again. The war was over, and the Narrator came in and said some poetic shit, ended up leaving, yadayadayada.

"What would become of this great nation riddled with hipocrasy and ego? What would become of the community that couldn't just simply let go of the fact that it was a joke and not to contribute to it to fuel cringey phraes? All seems lost, but as the days go by, the community tries to rebuild their foundations once again, for a new born age of peace and prosperity... I gain one freckle, and I bid you, ado." ~The Narrator (Morgan Freeman)

Until next year, when a new story unfolds, Will Ryan adds, "next year's big weakness is autism."